The Marble And The Stick

In Western medicine, the body's natural state is death and decay. Health is like a stick balanced precariously on its end, an unstable equilibrium the maintenance of which requires constantly inputting energy and impeding the natural progression of entropy. The role of a healer is to "prop up" the body's state of health to prevent … Continue reading The Marble And The Stick

How Yoga and Tai Chi Complement Each Other

Yoga and tai chi have several elements in common, but they also provide distinct benefits. This is how they are alike and different: Alike Both are mind-body arts that work by regulating and integrating body, breath, and mind, and are suitable for people of all ages and physical conditions. Practice is meditative, and benefits include … Continue reading How Yoga and Tai Chi Complement Each Other

Acting Sick

How we use our bodies has a lot to do with determining how we feel. Generally, the more sick you act the more sick you will feel. When you are sick, do you allow your posture to slouch, your feet to shuffle, and your breath to become rapid and shallow? Or do you hold yourself … Continue reading Acting Sick

Practicing Tai Chi When You’re Sick

The general rule for tai chi practice is to work at 70% of your maximum capacity.  This applies to intensity, exertion, duration, and range of motion.  If you exhaust yourself your coordination will suffer, and you will also tax your body's compensatory mechanisms, which is counterproductive from the perspective of tai chi.  The 70% rule … Continue reading Practicing Tai Chi When You’re Sick

The Number One Reason (And Way) To Be Fit to feel good moving. The capacity for movement is freedom to move, and freedom is pleasure. And not only is freedom pleasurable, so is the exploration itself. Pain does not equal gain. What truly builds us up feels good, and has its own innate draw. Nor is it necessary to move "correctly" to enjoy … Continue reading The Number One Reason (And Way) To Be Fit

Douglas On Tai Chi Movements

Excerpted from The Complete Idiot's Guide to T'ai Chi & QiGong, by Bill Douglas: If done correctly, slowly, and gently, Tai Chi enables you to become aware of any poor physical habits long before physical damage is done. In fact, you often don't become aware of problems in high-impact sports until the doctor is telling … Continue reading Douglas On Tai Chi Movements

Lemaire On Stress

Excerpted from The Body Talks...and I Can Hear It, by Jeanie Lemaire: It is pretty much common knowledge that stress is the number one killer in life, affecting all of our body functions and resulting in many diseases, and we are all aware that potentially stressful situations exist all around us.  What we have forgotten … Continue reading Lemaire On Stress

The Eternal Return to Health

The Earth is rotating on its axis and revolving around the sun, yet we perceive it to be static. We often make the same mistake with our bodies, believing that they are static and that a problem can't go away unless it is medicated or surgically removed. Yet the equilibrium state of our bodies is … Continue reading The Eternal Return to Health