Raised Spirit Workshop With MMA Tai Chi Fighter Nick “Supernova” Osipczak


UFC phenomenon Nick “Supernova” Osipczak will be coming to San Diego to teach a workshop in June of 2018!

If you haven’t heard of Nick yet, these two videos will give you a quick introduction:

Intro video (3:32): 

Fight highlights (4:31): 

Taking a holistic approach to teaching the martial way, Nick bases his understanding of the martial arts on the ancient wisdom of Tai Chi Ch’uan and combines it with all the best that the modern sport of mixed martial arts (MMA) has to offer.

This ten-hour workshop (split over two days) will cover:

Nei-gong (Internal work)
Qi-gong (Energy work)
Zhan Zhuang (Standing practise)
Ji Ben Gong (Foundational exercises)
Tui Shou (Push hands)
San Shou (Free sparring)

Key basic ground positions explained
Key methods of control on the ground
Fundamental movement drills for ground escapes
Getting back to the feet
Takedown defense (before, during, after)

Animal ground movements
Cold-water training
Breathing exercises

Space is limited, so sign up if you’d like to reserve your spot!