The Way of Nature

There is nothing that does not follow the way of nature.  There is only that which, from our perspective, does not seem to follow the way of nature.  This, too, is the way of nature.

Where Are You Needed?

Water flows downhill. Heat flows from hot to cold. Nature follows the Tao, and we are part of nature. A good soldier runs towards the battle. A good firefighter charges headlong into the blaze. Go where you are most needed, and you will find what you seek.

What Flows In Must Flow Out

Hoard compliments and become conceited Hoard food and become fat Hoard water and become bloated Hoard wealth and become miserly What passes in must pass out This is the way of the Tao

Lemaire On Naturalness

Excerpted from The Body Talks...and I Can Hear It, by Jeanie Lemaire: "My members and I are a bit confused about the meanings of 'normal' and 'natural'. Aren't they one and the same?" "To answer your question-no, they are not the same. In fact, they are quite different. *Natural*, as it implies, flows with nature. … Continue reading Lemaire On Naturalness