Unconscious Muscle Tension

For most of us, our body is in a constant state of tug-of-war with itself, as muscles use tension to counterbalance other muscles that are carrying excessive tension to begin with. This state of affairs is analogous to driving a car with the emergency break on. It limits our range of expression, creates wear and … Continue reading Unconscious Muscle Tension

The Value Of Self Defense

It can be thought of like proactive emotional health insurance. If a bad guy tries to take your wallet, you can take him out and keep it. Or, you can choose to give it to him as an act of charity. Either way, you are at choice in the matter, it isn't being stripped from … Continue reading The Value Of Self Defense

Lemaire On Body Integration

Excerpted from The Body Talks...and I Can Hear It, by Jeanie Lemaire: Within the Physical form itself also exist three facets that promote movement and our ability to grow and change.  Those more concrete aspects are the skeletal, muscular, and nervous systems.  Even though they are only three of the many systems our Physical forms … Continue reading Lemaire On Body Integration