Feeling Energy In The Body

Tai chi is a form of qigong, which means "energy work".  There are multiple types of energy that move through the body, and some are more subtle than others.  This need not be an esoteric practice, however, as there is no real distinction between the definition of the "energy" felt in tai chi and the … Continue reading Feeling Energy In The Body

Don’t Visualize, Feel

While visualizing might be important and useful for some forms of meditation, in tai chi physical sensation must take precedence to get the greatest benefit.  The point of tai chi is to tune into and devolop physical sensation, and visualizing (another word for imagining) the effects you are trying to achieve is only a distraction, … Continue reading Don’t Visualize, Feel

Why Meditation Should Engage The Body As Well As The Mind

Because the body and the mind are not only connected, they are different facets of the same thing.  Every aspect of one is reflected in the other. In tai chi, we say that everything physical has psychological analogues, and everything psychological has physical analogs.  What shows up in your practice shows up in your life, … Continue reading Why Meditation Should Engage The Body As Well As The Mind

Breath Regulation

Breath regulation is the link between body regulation and mind regulation. The breath originates in the dan tien, the center of the body.  While engaging body regulation by relaxing and aligning, engage breath regulation by allowing the breath to expand and contract naturally from this point, in particular the belly, inhaling and exhaling spontaneously and … Continue reading Breath Regulation

Body Regulation

Body regulation is one of the three regulations of qigong, and typically the first regulation to be engaged when slipping into tai chi composure. To engage body regulation, scan your entire body with your awareness, both by narrowing your focus down to a point and moving it throughout your body, and by expanding your awareness … Continue reading Body Regulation

The Three Regulations of Qigong

Tai chi is a form of qigong (energy work).  The practice of qigong, including tai chi, involves the engagement of three ongoing regulations, which are the elements of what I refer to as tai chi composure. The Three Regulations are body regulation, breath regulation, and mind regulation.  Body is the physical aspect of our experience, … Continue reading The Three Regulations of Qigong