Thinking And Breathing

Thinking is like breathing. We do it pretty much all the time, automatically. We can only exert so much conscious control over it. We can put it on hold for a short time, but the moment we stop paying attention it starts to happen again. Its quality and rhythm are influenced by our habits and … Continue reading Thinking And Breathing

Don’t Visualize, Feel

While visualizing might be important and useful for some forms of meditation, in tai chi physical sensation must take precedence to get the greatest benefit.  The point of tai chi is to tune into and devolop physical sensation, and visualizing (another word for imagining) the effects you are trying to achieve is only a distraction, … Continue reading Don’t Visualize, Feel

Why Meditation Should Engage The Body As Well As The Mind

Because the body and the mind are not only connected, they are different facets of the same thing.  Every aspect of one is reflected in the other. In tai chi, we say that everything physical has psychological analogues, and everything psychological has physical analogs.  What shows up in your practice shows up in your life, … Continue reading Why Meditation Should Engage The Body As Well As The Mind