“Monofocus” in Martial Arts

We have all met them: those individuals who have such a singular focus and dedication that they devote the entirety of their working lives to the development of a particular skill (or set of skills), and hence attain a rare and astonishing level of refinement of that one thing. My suggestion: learn from them, as … Continue reading “Monofocus” in Martial Arts

Drawbacks Of The Old School

The old style of martial arts training originated in a world where cutthroat competition and secrecy were the norm, but today we live in a world of cooperation and abundance. The old style of teaching is fading away because it simply isn't the most efficient mechanism for the transfer of knowledge in an open world. … Continue reading Drawbacks Of The Old School

Martial Arts Are Open Source

All martial arts are human inventions, they are not products of divine revelation. They are developed by people through a process of experimentation, observation, and discovery, which is the same process that every student goes through to learn them. They are evolving constantly through adaptation and innovation, which is how they grow, spread, and differentiate. … Continue reading Martial Arts Are Open Source