The Secrets Of Our Kung Fu

One day my big apprentice brother told me a story.  He said that our sifu once did a demonstration at a festival where many people were gathered to watch.  After performing the demonstration, our sifu addressed the crowd, and began to describe our kung fu in great detail, even revealing the most esoteric secrets of … Continue reading The Secrets Of Our Kung Fu

Why Block?

  “Grand Uncle-Master, do you think this random slashing and chopping style sword form of mine will enable me to block his fast knife chops?” Linghu Chong asked hopefully.   “If you want to block, of course it won’t help you much. But why do you have to block?” Feng Qingyang said.   Jin Yong, Smiling … Continue reading Why Block?

The Value Of Self Defense

It can be thought of like proactive emotional health insurance. If a bad guy tries to take your wallet, you can take him out and keep it. Or, you can choose to give it to him as an act of charity. Either way, you are at choice in the matter, it isn't being stripped from … Continue reading The Value Of Self Defense

What Are Fighting Skills For?

Hypothetically, there are three types of things that fighting skills might be used for. A) Sports & competition B) To physically dominate or harm someone who does not have the ability or intent to harm you. C) To have the ability to protect yourself from someone who does have the ability and intent to harm … Continue reading What Are Fighting Skills For?