The Folly Of Holding A Grudge

For a while there was a gruff old Cuban boxer who came to my sifu's kung fu school. He had the temperament of a bully and the build of a pitbull, and he would always just muscle people around in push hands. He basically touted the fact that he could beat up anybody in the … Continue reading The Folly Of Holding A Grudge

The Relationship Between Internal Strength And Willpower

Internal strength and willpower have a very interesting relationship. One way of thinking of internal strength is as innate strength. When you use your innate strength to do something, it feels easy. It is when a task is beyond the realm of your innate strength that it feels hard. Think of how easy it is … Continue reading The Relationship Between Internal Strength And Willpower

The Three Most Dangerous Words In The English Language…

…are "I know that". The brain is a computer, and words are code. The way the brain responds to this particular command is by shutting down new knowledge acquisition, since its resources are finite and knowledge assimilation takes energy. This happens if you even think these words silently to yourself, but if you really want … Continue reading The Three Most Dangerous Words In The English Language…

“Monofocus” in Martial Arts

We have all met them: those individuals who have such a singular focus and dedication that they devote the entirety of their working lives to the development of a particular skill (or set of skills), and hence attain a rare and astonishing level of refinement of that one thing. My suggestion: learn from them, as … Continue reading “Monofocus” in Martial Arts

Maxwell Maltz on Life Energy

Excerpted from Psycho-Cybernetics, by Maxwell Maltz: The energy that heals a wound is the same energy that keeps all our other body organs functioning. When this energy is at an optimum, all our organs function better. We feel good, wounds heal faster, we are more resistant to disease, we recover from any sort of stress … Continue reading Maxwell Maltz on Life Energy

The Marble And The Stick

In Western medicine, the body's natural state is death and decay. Health is like a stick balanced precariously on its end, an unstable equilibrium the maintenance of which requires constantly inputting energy and impeding the natural progression of entropy. The role of a healer is to "prop up" the body's state of health to prevent … Continue reading The Marble And The Stick

How To Achieve Tai Chi Posture In An Instant

To find your proper posture, visualize that you are wearing a heavy, lead-filled backpack, with the straps resting squarely on the bony parts of your shoulders.  What's more, imagine that you will have to wear that backpack all day long, and stand so that you can bear the weight indefinitely.  This will make you sensitive … Continue reading How To Achieve Tai Chi Posture In An Instant

Unconscious Muscle Tension

For most of us, our body is in a constant state of tug-of-war with itself, as muscles use tension to counterbalance other muscles that are carrying excessive tension to begin with. This state of affairs is analogous to driving a car with the emergency break on. It limits our range of expression, creates wear and … Continue reading Unconscious Muscle Tension

Stillness Is Death

When is the body ever completely still? Only in death is there no movement. If you are living, you are breathing. If you are breathing, you are moving. The movements of tai chi ride upon the breath wave like flotsam following an ocean current. The hip bone is connected to the thigh bone. The thigh … Continue reading Stillness Is Death