So your sitting practice is good, but how about your physical practice?

Having a regular sitting meditation practice is great for all kinds of reasons, whether you do it for five minutes or five hours. However, I am of the opinon that a sitting meditation practice is not complete without a physical practice.

There is a story that the origin of martial arts in China came from Bodhidharma, who brought Buddhism from India to China, when he stopped to visit at a temple. As the story goes, the monks there had weak constitutions from spending so much time sitting in meditation, so he taught them a series of qigong practices to strengthen their bodies. That temple, of course, was the Shaolin temple, and the rest is history.

Whether it’s a mindbody movement practice like qigong, or just plain old physical exercise, a sitting meditation practice should be complemented by a physical practice of some kind. Whether you’re interested in exploring higher states of consciousness or just stress relief, keeping your body healthy, fit, and strong is also a necessary component of the process.

Besides, would you rather be a smiling, fat Buddha or a badass Shaolin monk?

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