Our relationship with gravity doesn’t have to be a competition, a battle, or a struggle. It can be a partnership.

Gravity allows the planet, the solar system, the cosmos, to exist. It allows rivers to flow, snow to fall, and us to stay safely connected to our mother earth. Why be at odds with it?

Gravity is a conservative force field, meaning that whatever work you put into it gets stored as potential energy, able to be recaptured at a later time. Your gravitational potential energy while standing is a reservoir of energy that you walk around with at all times, ready to be tapped as needed, if you know how to speak the language of unified and fluid movement.

Gravity is your constant companion, and can also be your constant playmate, if you approach it playfully. (Like seriously, when’s the last time you laid on your back and tossed a ball to yourself over and over?) Make friends with it, work harmoniously with it, learn how to use its ways to your advantage as you move about the world.

And if you’d like to learn how to do this, come train with us!

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