The MindBody Triangle consists of body, breath, and mind. These are the three levers by which an individual is able to regulate their mind-body-energy system, corresponding to the body regulation, breath regulation, and mind regulation aspects of qigong. For purposes of daily practice it can help to remember the three essential ingredients of mindbody practice as “move, breathe, contemplate”, or exercise, breathwork, and meditation.

These three ingredients can be mixed together, as they are in qigong practice, or you could do them as separate practices. For example, you could do calisthenics for exercise, the Wim Hoff method for breathwork, and Vipassana for meditation. The key is to get a balanced mixture of all three, much as you would get a balanced diet. There are many types of practices that incorporate only one or two of these aspects, which are best mixed with other complementary practices to make up a balanced mindbody diet. This is why qigong is a balanced mindbody practice, because it incorporates all three aspects in equal amounts.

If you’d like support in establishing your personal daily mindbody energetic hygiene practice, you are welcome to join our Online Learning Community!

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