Hypothetically, there are three types of things that fighting skills might be used for.

A) Sports & competition

B) To physically dominate or harm someone who does not have the ability or intent to harm you.

C) To have the ability to protect yourself from someone who does have the ability and intent to harm you.

If your purpose is A), the 4 S’s are of primary importance: strength, speed, stamina, skills. There are few better ways to strengthen any ability than to pit it directly against other humans in an adversarial context. Just consider the balance of risk and reward, and note that this is not the same purpose as B) or C).

If your purpose is B), check your motives. They are probably evil, or childish, or both.

If your purpose is C), effectiveness is the highest priority. The worst case scenario is that you are confronted with a person (or people) who do have the ability and intention to harm you, and escape and negotiation are not on the menu. Is your training going to serve you in this scenario by protecting you from harm and enabling you to cause harm if necessary? Let this question be your guiding principle, and note that this is not the same purpose as A) or B).

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