Excerpted from Bodymind, by Ken Dychtwald:

There is a simple experiment that you can try by which you can see at once what kind of feet you have. First, find a friend to help you with this experiment. Stand up and assume a position that feels natural and comfortable. Then, have your friend gently place his hand on your chest and begin to push. He should push hard enough so that you have to tighten your body in response to his confrontation but not so hard that you might fall over. Next, have him walk around behind you and push again, this time on your back between your shoulder blades. You might also have him try to knock you off your feet by pushing on either side of you. His pushing should be slow and gentle so that, as the pressure of the push builds, you will have to slowly tighten muscles and rearrange your posture to meet the force of his confrontation. As you are responding to the physical pressure, be aware of what parts of your body actively resist being pushed over and how they do this. You might be surprised to find that the attitude that you assume with your entire body, and in particular with your feet, might actually demonstrate the type of psychological posture that you assume when other aspects of your life (such as emotions and beliefs) are similarly confronted.

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