Excerpted from Bodymind, by Ken Dychtwald:

While very few people ever actually injure their knees, all of us frequently hold tension and stress in our legs that to some degree impairs our movements and limits our bodymind awareness. For example, stand up and experience your legs. Imagine that you are in an extremely desirable situation and that you are really happy about being there. Feel grounded and secure. As you feel these possibilities, be aware of your legs and get a sense for the way they feel to you.

Now imagine that you are in a totally undesirable situation and that what you would like most of all to do would be to leave, to run away. With these feelings present in your mind, be aware of your legs. Do they feel any different?

Chances are you felt yourself tighten up either at the knees and ankles or in your thighs and hamstring muscles. Either way, it should be obvious to you that when you felt as though you wanted to be somewhere else, either physically or psychologically, some part or parts of your legs responded by registering the conflict. The conflict manifests itself in the form of tension, and the tension will continue to live in the related parts of your legs chronically, unless it is released.

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