Excerpted from Bodymind, by Ken Dychtwald:

The ankles and knees are joints (the ankle is a ball-and-socket, the knee is a hinge), and all joints are psychosomatic crossroads. As crossroads, they have to mediate between the forces, physical as well as psychological, that flow through them. I believe that it is the quality of our joints that allows us to be either graceful and well integrated or spastic and disjointed. For this reason, the psychosomatic condition of the joints reveals a great deal about the way an individual is dealing with the flow and motion of his life. In addition, when these crossroads have traffic jams and roadblocks too often, they can become chronically tense and blocked, thereby interrupting the flow of life that runs through them. When this happens, the joints not only lose their flexibility and grace but can also become extremely susceptible to injury and disease. The health and stability of the ankles and knees is especially critical, for they are in positions that demand that they continually support the entire bodymind against the continuous pull of the earth.

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