Excerpted from Bodymind, by Ken Dychtwald:

My most wonderful discovery through Tai Chi was that I had legs, and that they not only connected to my pelvis but also continued straight down to the earth. This might sound silly, but in fact I was hardly aware of my legs and how to use them appropriately before my first Tai Chi lesson. It’s almost frightening that I could have gone through twenty years of walking, running, standing, and living without learning how to use my legs to support and motivate myself. I discovered that I had come to use my back for standing (I had overdeveloped my back muscles to compensate for weak leg muscles), my shoulders for walking (I led with my chest and shoulders rather than my legs and belly), and my jaw and eyes for support (to make up for the weakness I experienced in my feet and legs). Through Tai Chi I began to explore other, more relaxed ways of moving, standing, and being.

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