Excerpted from Bodymind, by Ken Dychtwald:

I have found that Tai Chi is a lot like yoga in that it is a bodymind process that involves a great deal of practice and self-discipline to master: the Tai Chi student may spend years practicing several simple movements before he reaches a state of awareness of the subtleties of his own bodymind. Also, like yoga, Tai Chi allows its practitioners a means for self-exploration, self-development, and increased awareness. Tai Chi differs from yoga in that all movements are performed in a standing position. As a result, there is an incredible amount of emphasis placed on the legs and the way the bodymind uses the legs to support it against gravity’s continual pull. Also, I have found that Tai Chi, which by heritage belongs to the Oriental martial arts, is considerably more concerned with one’s relationship to what is outside of oneself, such as potential attackers, gravity, and air, than is yoga, which focuses almost entirely on one’s inner worlds of self-attention, self-reflection, and self-awareness.

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