The Earth is rotating on its axis and revolving around the sun, yet we perceive it to be static.

We often make the same mistake with our bodies, believing that they are static and that a problem can’t go away unless it is medicated or surgically removed.

Yet the equilibrium state of our bodies is life and health, not illness and death.

In five days, you will have a new stomach lining. Next month you will have a new skin. Three months from now you will have a completely new skeleton. Within seven years, there won’t be a bit of you left. “You” will have been completely replaced by a new “you”, from top to bottom and inside out.

What is remarkable is not that adverse health conditions dissipate, but that they linger. Their persistence requires the collusion of habit and environment to foil the body’s health-seeking mechanism.

The power of tai chi is in getting out of the way.  Its healing power consists merely of removing the body’s obstacles to health.  The healing power of tai chi is no different than the healing power of the body itself.

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