Excerpted from A Tooth from the Tiger’s Mouth, by Tom Bisio:

[Cats] appear to be lazy and sleep a lot, yet they are agile, flexible, and strong.  Cats don’t do stretching exercises or engage in weight training, yet they move with a supple, relaxed grace that few humans can match…The word supple conjures up an image of a body that is like a piece of pliable cloth or leather, able to bend or move in any direction without kinking or binding.  What the Chinese saw in the cat’s movement was that cats subtly and efficiently exercise their whole body even in their simplest movements.  They are supple not because they do stretching exercises, but because they relax the muscles that are unnecessary to perform a particular movement.  Relaxing these “antagonistic” muscles not only allows a joint or a limb greater freedom of movement, it also creates more efficient movement that conserves the body’s energy…

When the cat moves it is fully involved in what it is doing…Mental involvement in the movements being performed engages the whole being in the exercise, producing far greater results than merely performing them by rote.

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